🎉 500 Sweatcoins Giveaway 🎉 5 Winners!


Sweatcoin Giveaway 🎉

Yes.. it’s time for a Sweatcoin giveaway!! We will be giving out 500 Sweatcoins total and there will be 5 winners. We are celebrating our best month so far, which is almost 2x better than the prior best month. We have hit over 3k visitors┬áthis month to our website and we wanted to thank you all for your support.

Sweatcoin Giveaway 500 Sweatcoins - 5 Winners - SweatcoinBlog
Sweatcoin Giveaway 500 Sweatcoins – 5 Winners – SweatcoinBlog

How to enter the Giveaway

All you have to do is Comment below what you love about Sweatcoin the most. We will choose the top answer and the other 4 will be completely random. Each winner will get 100 Sweatcoins to their Sweatcoin account as soon as the competition is over.



When does the Giveaway entry period end?

All the submissions must be made before May 4th. Winners will be announced May 5th via a post so make sure to enable post notifications for our website and check it daily. You wouldn’t want to miss out on 100 Sweatcoins if you won, would you?


  1. You must have a registered and verified account on https://sweatcoinblog.com.
  2. You can’t have 2 accounts, they will be detected and you will be disqualified.
  3. Enjoy the giveaway.
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Andreas Iakovou
Likes to walk around, not very adventurous tbh, prefers Purple over Blue for some reason. Loves Sweatcoin App and enjoys taking outdoors pictures with his phone. He is the founder of SweatcoinBlog.com and he has been supporting Sweatcoin since December 2018.


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