Known Sweatcoin Scams – What to Beware of & Avoid

READING TIME: 3 MINUTESYou’ve perhaps seen something on Instagram or the Sweatcoin app that made you think “wait this is too good to be true”, right?

Well so have we, what we learnt from these past few months of using Sweatcoin daily is that a lot of scams are going around. Most of them are on social media platforms, and some of those scams even have dedicated websites to them.

We’ll list all the Scams we know and you should be careful of down below.

  1. Sweatcoin App “Doubler”
    There’s many people going around saying to people that they will double their Sweatcoins using a hack or a bug. They usually send random amounts of SWCs to random usernames (usually small amounts, 0.01 up to 20 SWCs, just to make themselves look legit). They will ask you to send them SWCs, and they will actually send you back twice the amount in the beginning. But once you send them an actually big sum of Sweatcoins they will just take them & not respond back to you. Do not try this, it’s 100% not worth it and you’d just be funding scammers. There aren’t any known hacks/bugs that double/increase the amount of your Sweatcoins other than walking faster – haha.
  2. Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Sweatcoin Accounts
    There has recently been an increase on the amount of Sweatcoin related accounts created on Instagram that claim to sell Sweatcoins. A lot of those are just scams that will ask you to go first and they will make their instagram look really legit. Do not fall for that, it’s not worth the risk and most will just run away with your money after blocking you. You have no way of getting your money back.
  3. Sweatcoin Middleman Services
    Some people offer to middleman trades between a community, unless they are actually trusted and you’ve seen them being active and helpful within that community (and see people happy with their help) we highly recommend you to avoid them. As they will hold not just the money, but also¬† the Sweatcoins when they middleman any potential deals among members. You wouldn’t want someone running away with both, would you?
  4. Selling/Buying/Trading Websites
    A lot of these show some deals that are way too good to be true. Once you purchase a product from them, let’s call it “Medium Sweatcoin Package” that includes 500 Sweatcoins as they claim. They will go ahead to never send you the purchased Sweatcoins and will keep the money they received. You can’t report them, you can’t ask for help from the site’s administration because they are the administrators of the site. Do not deal with risky websites.
  5. Phishing Sweatcoin Websites
    Another way of people scamming using custom websites, are by phishing your personal information. Such as, username, email, password, date of birth, phone number & in extreme cases even your bank information. They will make a copy of the Sweatcoin login page and they will ask for information that Sweatcoin would normally not ask for. Always check that the domain (also known as the url) that you are on is “” and not something else that just appears to look like the real one. These are very dangerous as they can lead to huge scams if someone becomes a victim of theirs.
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These are all we have for now, if you find out about more scams please comment below or contact us via email and we will look into it and then add it onto our list to help even more fellow Sweatcoin-ers protect themselves from these scams.

Andreas Iakovou
Likes to walk around, not very adventurous tbh, prefers Purple over Blue for some reason. Loves Sweatcoin App and enjoys taking outdoors pictures with his phone. He is the founder of and he has been supporting Sweatcoin since December 2018.

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