Upcoming Offers – Adopt a Mango Tree, Sunscreen & Discounts

READING TIME: 2 MINUTESWe just took a sneak peek of the upcoming offers for the next few weeks and we’ve come back with the results.

First of all, one of our all-time favorites, the mango tree adoption in Thailand is here!

You’ll be available to adopt a mango tree for just 10 SWCs! And there will be 10000 of them available, make sure to get yours fast because the price is most likely going to increase as soon as a couple sell.

Take a look at the offer here:

SweatcoinBlog - Mango Tree Adoption in Thailand
SweatcoinBlog – Mango Tree Adoption in Thailand

Next up, we have the Suntribe sunscreen offer, which will be available for purchase for the small sum of 199 Sweatcoins. It’s a must-pick considering summer is around the corner and the product’s value is at 18 Euros!

Here’s the offer:

SweatcoinBlog - Suntribe Sunscreen Offer
SweatcoinBlog – Suntribe Sunscreen Offer

It’s also worth noting that there will be some discounts for the well-known Mous Protective Cases (suspected to be 50% off discount code) which have been a hit for the Sweatcoiners. As they seem to always be sold out. Also, there will be a sale of the Minimalism Life – Magazine for about 10 Sweatcoins.

Let us know if you like our posts related to upcoming offers and if you want us to keep doing them. Enjoy!

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Let us know what you’ll be getting yourself or your loved ones.

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