How to get more Sweatcoins – 10 Ways

How to get more Sweatcoins? Look no further, this is a fully updated and working guide on how to optimize your Sweatcoin for most earnings and how to get more Sweatcoins. This is by far the most thorough guide on … Read More

Sweatcoin Founders – 2 Sweatcoin CEOs

There are currently 2 Sweatcoin CEOs under Sweatco Ltd. First off, Sweatco Ltd. is the company that owns the app “Sweatcoin”. The idea to create Sweatcoin as a concept was originally developed in 2014, but it became a reality in … Read More

Sweatcoin Influencer Marketplace

Sweatcoin Influencer Marketplace, what is it? It’s a special marketplace, separate from the Sweatcoin Offers Marketplace. You do not see these offers when you first download the app because they’re reserved for “Influencers“. These are people who go above-and-beyond sharing their … Read More

Buy Sweatcoin – Buying Sweatcoins in 2019

Are you wondering why you would buy SweatCoins? Well, there’s a lot of reasons why you would want to buy SweatCoins (SWC). The major reason, is investing. Investing into SWC has to be one of the most important reasons of … Read More

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