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What is Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Guide - SweatcoinBlog
Sweatcoin FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Guide – SweatcoinBlog

Sweatcoin is an app that you can get on your phone that rewards with sweatcoins for walking. These sweatcoins can be used to buy rewards on the app, or can be traded with someone for other currency. The good news? The app is 100% Free to download & use. It has no hidden charges and the benefits of using it are unlimited.

When is sweatcoin going to be converted to blockchain?

As of now, there is no timetable, however, sweatcoin has said they are working on it.

How can I get more Sweatcoins

There’s a lot of ways to get more or earn more Sweatcoins. First of all, you should read our guide here. Secondly, you could always get more Sweatcoins by trading among the community. This can help you get offers (not Marathon offers) incase you find something interesting and you can’t afford it at the time.

Why aren’t my steps converting?

If you are indoors, sweatcoin doesn’t convert steps. If you are outdoors and walking and sweatcoin still is not converting steps, try and make sure you aren’t walking in between large buildings, as it can interfere with the signal and prevent your steps from converting into sweatcoins.

How can I use sweatcoin without draining my battery?

Sweatcoin has a power saver mode that stops the app from draining a ton of battery, however it can result in less of your steps being counted.

How do I trade sweatcoins?

You can trade sweatcoins by going on the discord server sweatcoin warriors. From here you can go to the unofficial trading server where you can trade sweatcoin along with other coins. Remember to always use a middleman, as unfortunately there are scammers that may take your coins without giving you the agreed upon money. Be careful trading and remember, if a deal is to good to be true, it probably is.

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What is Sweatcoin worth right now?

Sweatcoin is currently worth just under a cent per coin. The price has fluctuated lots in the past as at one point it was trading around 10 cents, and a few months ago, only half of a cent.

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How much will Sweatcoin be worth in the future?

There is really no way of telling what sweatcoin will be worth in the future, however when sweatcoins links with blockchain, sweatcoins could be worth around 10 cents each.

How do I redeem an offer on the app?

You redeem a offer on the app by clicking on the offer and doing what it tells you to do. (Remember, you must have enough sweatcoins to redeem the offer.) the offers on the app are normally pretty legit, and they will get mailed to you. If you have any problems beyond that you should go on the discord server, and contact an administrator. (Often times administrators are affiliated with sweatcoin.)

Can I use Sweatcoins I get from other people to redeem rewards?

In most cases, you can use sweatcoins you get from other people to redeem rewards. However, some of the big rewards must be bought using sweatcoins you earned.

How quickly does Sweatcoin respond to questions?

Typically, the sweatcoin team responds pretty quickly. They have a great team that works very hard to constantly improve and update the app. They are also working on blockchain technology, although no release date has been set as of now.

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Do people actually buy Sweatcoins? 

Currently, there are more sweatcoin sellers than buyers. However, depending on how much you are asking for the coins, you can usually find a buyer.

How many Sweatcoins do people typically have?

It depends. People who are looking to but probably have thousands of sweatcoins saved up, but there really isn’t an average amount. 

Whats the most Sweatcoins someone has?

As of now, the most sweatcoins someone has that I know about is over 100,000! They are probably saving up, and when sweatcoin converts to blockchain, hoping to cash in big.

How many Sweatcoins do I need to have to be able to sell them?

There is no set amount on how many sweatcoins you must have to be able to sell them. However if you are looking to sell coins, you typically want to have at least 100 in order to find a buyer.

Does the app tell you how many Sweatcoins you earned, and how many you got from other people?

Yes, if you go to your Sweatcoin wallet, it tells you how many sweatcoins you earned and how many were transferred into your account by other people.

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Should I download the app? In my opinion, the app is great and very convenient, I personally am saving my sweatcoins until blockchain is released. However, there are also many good rewards that you can get, and the app can help motivate you to become more active. So in short, YES!!!

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