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What is a Sweatcoin Discord Trading Server?

A Sweatcoin Trading Discord Server is a server on Discord where you can make various Sweatcoin related trades. Some of those are, trading Sweatcoins for cash and the other way around, also you can do various tasks for Sweatcoins. Some communities like ours, which you can join here, hold Sweatcoin giveaways. Recently, we hosted a 500 Sweatcoins giveaway that were spread out to 5 winners.

Sweatcoin Trading Discord Server / Community Server - SweatcoinBlog
Sweatcoin Trading Discord Server / Community Server – SweatcoinBlog

Additionally, on servers like ours, you can talk with fellow Sweatcoin walkers for all things Sweatcoin. From their best Sweatcoin runs to their favorite snack. You can talk about whatever you want. Also, we have rules to make sure everyone feels welcome and has a great time.

How to join a Sweatcoin Trading Server on Discord?

You can either be invited to one or find it via general index websites. You can join our Sweatcoin Discord Trading server by clicking this.

How to make a Successful trade on a Sweatcoin Discord server?

There’s a few ways to do this. First off, you can ask a verified & well-known member of the community you are in to middleman the trade for both you and the buyer/seller. The middleman would hold onto the Sweatcoins until the cash/action is completed, then the Sweatcoins will be transferred to the buyer.

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Another way to do a successful trade is if you use the correct channels. If you don’t, people won’t notice your request thread and you won’t end up making any sales. What kind of trader are you if you don’t make any sales? Make sure you are following the rules and posting in the correct trading categories.

Trading Categories on Discord

We have various channels where someone can post their buying/selling thread. If you want to buy Sweatcoins, you can use #looking-to-buy channel. If you are looking to sell Sweatcoins, you can use #looking-to-sell channel. If you want to offer Sweatcoins for an action, you can use #sweatcoin-for-action.

What do you need to start Trading Sweatcoin?

All you need is free time, a verified paypal account or a cash app account to receive money on from trading.

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