Buy SweatCoin - Buying SweatCoin (SWC) in 2018 & 2019

Buy Sweatcoin – Buying Sweatcoins in 2019

Are you wondering why you would buy SweatCoins?

Well, there’s a lot of reasons why you would want to buy SweatCoins (SWC). The major reason, is investing. Investing into SWC has to be one of the most important reasons of why people buy bulk amounts of SWCs, it’s widely believed that as soon as the blockchain technology is launched on behalf of SweatCoin it will rocket up it’s value, it could return a 10x or 100x profit on the investors portfolios within a few days/weeks of it’s launch. These are great news for whoever bought before the big launch/rise. Luckily for you, you could be one of those people, all you have to do is buy a decent amount of SWCs so you can see noticable increases to your portfolio over time.

Do you also need a place to buy SweatCoins from?

If that’s the case, then look no further. We offer a part of our portfolio for sale on this page here. We sell in packages of, 100 SweatCoins, 250 SweatCoins, 500 SweatCoins, 1000 SweatCoins, 2000 SweatCoins, 5000 SweatCoins. The most purchased one is our 2nd largest package which brings 2000 additional SweatCoins to your investing portfolio, which currently sells for 40$ with our December Promotion. Keep note that as time passes our prices increase due to higher demand as SweatCoin grows and it becomes more expensive and less worthwhile for us to sell our own portfolio, since it has higher earning expectations in the future. Also, a lot of people are buying SweatCoin now so we also want to keep ahead of the competition and always try to have more in stock than others.

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When are you expected to make your earnings?

Well, we don’t really know when the value will change notably. But if we would have to guess, it will be around April/May, close to summer time is our best bet of when it will be released. As it would bring the most publicity and most active users for walking and running, as a lot of it’s userbase is teenagers of ages 16-24.

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