3 Best Things to Do while Exercising

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Most important things to do while Exercising when using the Sweatcoin App It’s important that when you exercise you keep tabs on how many calories you burn and how many steps you are making. For the latter, the Sweatcoin app … Read More

Best Sweatcoin Crowdfunding Update

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Sweatcoin Crowdfunding Update Sweatcoin recently unveiled its newest additions to the app, with one of them being the Crowdfunding section. This section provides a variety of crowdfunding projects which you can support by donating your hard-earned sweatcoins for a good … Read More

2 Best Ways to Transfer Sweatcoin to Paypal

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How to Transfer Sweatcoin to PayPal? How can I transfer my Sweatcoins to PayPal? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about the Sweatcoin app. It seems the creators of the Sweatcoin blockchain visioned a vibrant currency exchange … Read More

How Does Sweatcoin Make Money

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How Does Sweatcoin Make Money? Even fitness experts look for motivation to get them off their feet and start walking. Now, it’s not just about health or getting fit, but a ransom for walking and running outdoors. The Sweatcoin app … Read More

Best Sweatcoin Cheats & Sweatcoin Hacks

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Are there any Sweatcoin Cheats or Sweatcoin Hacks to get more Sweatcoins? Lately, there are a lot of websites and YouTube videos claiming they can double or show you a program that can simulate walking distance to spoof the Sweatcoin … Read More

14 Best Ways to get more Sweatcoins

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Are you looking for the best ways to get more Sweatcoins by walking or running? Look no further, this is a fully updated and working guide on how to optimize your Sweatcoin habits with main goal getting more Sweatcoins. This … Read More

🎉 500 Sweatcoins Giveaway 🎉 5 Winners!

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Sweatcoin Giveaway 🎉 Yes.. it’s time for a Sweatcoin giveaway!! We will be giving out 500 Sweatcoins total and there will be 5 winners. We are celebrating our best month so far, which is almost 2x better than the prior … Read More

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