How to Transfer Sweatcoin Money to Paypal

2 Best Ways to Transfer Sweatcoin to Paypal

How to Transfer Sweatcoin to PayPal?

How can I transfer my Sweatcoins to PayPal? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about the Sweatcoin app. It seems the creators of the Sweatcoin blockchain visioned a vibrant currency exchange across the platform just like it is with other digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).

Is it possible to transfer Sweatcoin Money to Paypal?

How to Transfer Sweatcoin Money to Paypal
How to Transfer Sweatcoin Money to Paypal

Sweatcoin is a unique app that offers its users an incentive in an interactive way. The app pays you when you walk, run, or cycle, and you can use the Sweatcoins you earn to purchase an offer in the app marketplace. Some of these offers include gift cards, clothes, food gifts, online memberships, electronics, music and app downloads, and many more. Sometimes though infrequently, the marketplace offers Amazon and PayPal Gift Card, but these offers sell out fast. Through the marketplace, there isn’t an exact way to link your Sweatcoin to Paypal or a “Sweatcoin PayPal” button at the moment. This makes transactions of Sweatcoin money to PayPal in a way “impossible”, but there are workarounds.

Can I Exchange Sweatcoin to PayPal?

  1. Yes, you can exchange Sweatcoin to PayPal, but it’s not a direct process. There are different forms through which you can get PayPal money for your sweatcoins, for instance, Sweatcoins for Amazon Gift Cash or Sweatcoin to PayPal money. If you want, you can use the coins to download paid apps and save your cash.
  2. If you don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty and you have a small amount to start your Sweatcoin adventure off the ground, then this is perfect for you. Sweatcoin trading is one of the easiest and my most favorite ways of exchanging Sweatcoin to PayPal. When I hear the words Sweatcoin Paypal this is the way I think of first. You can go on websites like Facebook and Instagram and try to find people to sell you their coins, even 100 at a time. When you build a large wallet of 5000-10000 you can then try to sell them on groups on Facebook (at a higher rate of, course) or on platforms like eBay. If you calculate the PayPal fees you can make a bit of money on the side just reselling Sweatcoins.
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“Sweatcoin blockchain” can that support Sweatcoin to PayPal transactions?

However, the Sweatcoin blockchain does not currently support direct on-demand Sweatcoin to PayPal funds feature. The app lacks the financial marketplace or official exchange to enable buyers and sellers to interact. On the other hand, other digital currencies like Bitcoin feature a variety of trades that Sweatcoin doesn’t support yet.

Good old fashioned Sweatcoin Trading

The only way you can get paid by PayPal is when you find a buyer for your sweatcoins and have them pay you in PayPal. You can find potential Sweatcoin buyers on Discord and Reddit, but other sites pay users in SWC. By choosing to exchange with a stranger, you risk losing your hard-earned Sweatcoin to a scammer. There are already too many cases of such incidences and people who received the coins but never paid back. Therefore, it is essential to be careful who you deal with because there is absolutely nothing to secure or protect you from these scammers.

It takes patience, and hard work to make money with the Sweatcoin blockchain, besides, you need to save your coins. The last time I checked the marketplace, there was a £1000/$1000 PayPal gift card offered for 20000 SWC. The secret to earning 20000 coins or more is effortless; users can buy coins from each other and use them as their own. There are also people willing to purchase Sweatcoin and pay for them in PayPal.

Why Sweatcoin doesn’t support currency exchange

There will never be a limit to the amount of coins users generated on Sweatcoin. It comes in unlimited supply, and the number of coins made per day depends on different membership plans. What this means to there will be a very linear growth of the number of coins available on the market. It also suggests that the demand for the Sweatcoin will go high since the supply of currency is not limited, and it is likely that its value won’t go past the specific limit.

Bitcoin has a limited supply but very high demand, Sweatcoin will be generated over and over again by the app users, and the amount of SWC in circulation keeps increasing without stopping.

I want to sell my Sweatcoin for Paypal

Can I cash out or withdraw my Sweatcoins to Paypal or my Bank Account - SweatcoinBlog
Can I cash out or withdraw my Sweatcoins to Paypal or my Bank Account – SweatcoinBlog

If you are asking whether you can sell Sweatcoin, the answer is yes. However, you will take the responsibility of finding the buyer yourself. Presently, the market is favorable for investors who want to buy Sweatcoin; they have the room to set a buying price, and the buyer will have to either take or leave it.

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There is currently no standard offer, and the rate usually fluctuates, but the average price per coin was $0.02 – $0.06 as of 2017 winter. Although this price is not much, it is impressive enough because the only thing you invest in Sweatcoin blockchain is the natural physical body activity. For instance, if you cover about 6 miles per day, you will make about 45-50 SWC in a week. In no time, Sweatcoins Paypal transactions will seem much easier.

Possible “Sweatcoin Paypal” collaboration?

We have been getting that quite a lot lately but unfortunately, this is not listed on the official roadmap and we haven’t gotten any feedback that this is a feature that will be provided. Unfortunately at this point “Sweatcoin PayPal” collaboration doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

The Bottom-line

The last time I checked, I saw very many activity trackers and fitness apps on my mobile store, but the only not even one that pays for actually moving and making steps

Sweatcoin blockchain rewards you for walking with a digital currency. For every 1000 steps, the app pays you 1 SWC. All you need to do is walk or run; the app will track your movement and reward you. The secret of making the most of this app is not staying indoors as it doesn’t track your steps when you are indoors. It’s exciting to know that you can exercise, live healthily, and get paid in a digital currency which you can as well exchange for real-life products and services or PayPal money through PayPal Gift Card. The Sweatcoin Blockchain technology allows its users to share coins and can even be donated for charity.

Even though the app does not allow direct exchange with PayPal at the moment, Sweatcoin blockchain functions like real money, and some vendors accept it as mode a payment. It is part of a growing trend in fitness and activity tracker apps. Other apps that also pay their users in virtual currency are Gympact and Bitwalking. Charity Miles is an app that turns your steps into donations for charity for a course of your choice.

Talks about possible rumors surrounding “Sweatcoin PayPal” collaborations. At the moment we don’t have any news on the “Sweatcoin PayPal” rumors but as soon as we do this will be updated.

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