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Value of one Sweatcoin

The value of Sweatcoin is determined by the demand for it, just like the value of goods and services.

At this point in time, Sweatcoin is considered an emerging digital currency, and doesn’t have an official market value. There’s a lot of online websites that you can purchase them from for about 0.01$ each.

Currently, it’s rate of exchange is quite volatile, which varies from one offer to another. However, as Sweatcoin grows it’s exchange rate is settling around £1/$1 for 100 Sweatcoins. As it grows the exchange rate will become more and more consistent & will see a rapid increase to the amount of buyers.

We do not suggest trading/selling/buying of Sweatcoins for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s not worth a lot at the moment, the value of Sweatcoin (unofficial) hit a rock bottom. Secondly, the offers on the Sweatcoin Offers Section are worth more and bring more value to you than selling them would. Thirdly, the risk factor of trading for such a small profit/amount is simply making it not worth trading.

If you want to convert your SWCs to real money, read our article about whether you can or you can’t transfer it to your payment accounts.

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