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How to Buy Sweatcoins and is it Worth it

Buying/Selling/Trading SweatCoins

You can’t OFFICIALLY buy any SweatCoins, but you can trade them between your friends & family (even people you don’t know). There are multiple sites online (and even communities) that only allow you to buy/sell/trade SweatCoins. A great site to buy/sell SweatCoins is our blog. If our blog is out of stock or simply don’t trust us enough to buy through our platform, there are other options for you too! There’s a reddit community where people occasionally post buy/sell offers in the comments and you can keep your eye out for good deals on this reddit post.

Why would someone buy SweatCoins?

Well, there’s a lot of reasons as to why someone would buy Sweatcoins. Most likely, they want to claim a nice deal that they saw on the daily offers available via the SweatCoin app (get it here,if you don’t have it already). If it’s not for that reason, they either love having a lot of SweatCoins or are potential investors that want to rack up a lot of SweatCoins (which we see a lot of people do recently, due to the high rise of BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies) in case it becomes trade-able in exchange marketplaces in the next few years, in hopes of turning them into big earnings.

Is it worth buying SweatCoins at the moment?

In my honest opinion, yes it is. They are worth so little right now and the price is only increasing every week/month. They are not worth a lot right now but if you buy a lot of them even the slightest change to one can make a huge difference to your wallet. I feel like anyone looking to invest in SweatCoin’s future should do it now that you can still get them at low prices.

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