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Steps not Converting to Sweatcoins

There’s a spike in reports lately of people claiming that they are losing steps which should have been converted to sweatcoins. This can be caused due to many reasons but I’ll list some below so you can keep your eye out.

  1. You shake your hand when you hold your phone while walking. The app thinks that you are trying to cheat your way to earning more SweatCoins that you deserve, to prevent this simply put your phone inside your side pockets or your hoodie’s pockets while walking/running/cycling.
  2. Walking in undocumented areas. Some areas that are rural aren’t yet on the covered zones that the SweatCoin app tracks, so some/most of your steps will not be counted towards your total. Not to worry though, SweatCoin app adds more areas to their databases daily and yours should be covered soon even if you don’t report it (it’s best to report just in case though).
  3. Walking inside buildings/your house. Indoor steps are not yet covered, even though sometimes you’ll notice a few steps passing by the algorithm, it’s only coincidential and less than 5 or 10% of your total steps.
  4. You are going too fast. If you are inside a car or really good runner then you might have to slow down your pace a bit otherwise the calculating algorithm will think you are a moving vehicle and will not count all of your steps. To prevent this, just try to go a bit slower.

That’s about most of the reasons why you are losing some of your steps that should have converted, we will keep this article updated as soon as we find more reasons as to why this is happening, if you know more reasons about why this is happening, please post in the comments below or contact us here [email protected] and we will add it onto our list.

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