6 Best Tips and Tricks to get more Sweatcoins

6 Tips and Tricks to get more Sweatcoins, you can never have enough. You can Earn more Sweatcoin yourself though.

1. Become a SweatCoin Influencer

This is by far the easiest way to earn SweatCoins, not the healthiest one though. If you have a medium-to-huge following on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. You can earn more points by sharing your own referral link with them, that way you earn SweatCoins whenever someone joins through your link, and to get those SCs you did nothing other than making a post. Simply get a banner like the one below, and tell people to click on it to get the SweatCoins app and start earning money asap (Click on it to get redirected to the app, if you don’t have it already).

Image result for sweatcoin referral link banner

2. Always have the app running in the background

This may be an obvious tip, but a lot of people don’t know this. You won’t always remember to open the app before you go out to take your dog for a walk or go shopping. You may even walk 3 kilometers and realize that you had forgotten to open the app and that’s about 3 SweatCoins you missed out on. I personally always keep the app open in the background, and it hasn’t really drained my battery life any more than it would. It does drain more battery than it would be closed but hey, there’s an included Battery Saver mode which uses less battery but misses out on a few steps.

3. Do not let any opportunities to walk go unused.

Everyone feels too tired or too bored to go to the supermarket next door and they end up taking their car for a simple 2min drive. Here’s where the magic happens, if you just walk those 2 mins you will be racking up more steps than you would if you drove (it would be about 40 steps, getting in and out of your car).

You want to take your kids to the park to play, instead of taking your car for the way there, just take them on a little walk, you will earn SweatCoins and a more enjoyable time with your family. This isn’t just advice on how to earn SweatCoins faster or easier, this is also advice on how to keep a healty, fit & happy life.

4. Take walking breaks instead of cigarette breaks

We all know how bad it is for our health and body if we sit all day on an uncomfortable chair in the office (and we all know how uncomfortable they are!). This advice won’t only get you to be more active & fit but will also get you to earn more SweatCoins in time which you wouldn’t do anything productive anyways.

5. Get a higher earning plan as soon as possible

Yes, this is the most important, you walk different distances everyday, you might walk more, you might walk less; no one knows. It’s best if you just buy the most expensive plan so you can rack up more SweatCoins. Don’t worry though, they don’t use real money to upgrade your plan, it takes up SweatCoins, which you will earn back within a day if you just walk more. It’s good to have the max plan just in case you walk a lot one day.

6. Mobile Phone Cases

Not a lot of people know this but if you walk/run while using your phone’s protective case then you are bound to lose some steps. If you want to avoid this and earn more Sweatcoins by losing less steps and getting more verified steps then there’s only one option for you. Remove that phone case and remember how it feels like to hold your phone and be scared of dropping it.

If you know any other ways to get more Sweatcoins please email us at help@sweatcoinblog.com and we will be more than happy to add it here and credit you!


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