How to Trick Sweatcoin 2019

READING TIME: < 1 MINUTEWant to get more Sweatcoins by tricking Sweatcoin into thinking that you are walking/running?

It’s currently not working as well as you may think. But one of the main ways you can “trick” it incase you hate walking/running, is by using your bicycle. It’s easier than walking/running and can you a lot of Sweatcoins if you try to go as slow as you can (same speed as if you were running). For maximum gains, I’d recommend putting your phone inside your pocket (not on your arm or your hoodie’s front pockets) to get as many verified steps as possible. You want the app to think that you are running really fast, that you are doing a marathon!

Onto a more funny way of how to trick Sweatcoin into awarding you more SWCs is the one below.

To trick Sweatcoin, try strapping your phone onto your dog or other pet (something like a horse would be better I assume, but let’s be honest, who even has a horse laying around). If they like to roam freely around, that would be great for you because they would get coins for you every time they wonder around.

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One of the least common ones, are using your motorbike and going really slowly. It will get your Sweatcoins up, but it will waste so much fuel and your patience that you will see it’s not that good.

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Best way to trick Sweatcoin, is by doing what the rest of us do. Which is, walking and running and if you have any issues with missing steps, check this out for more help on that matter. Have a nice day.

Andreas Iakovou
Likes to walk around, not very adventurous tbh, prefers Purple over Blue for some reason. Loves Sweatcoin App and enjoys taking outdoors pictures with his phone. He is the founder of and he has been supporting Sweatcoin since December 2018.

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