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Best Sweatcoin Cheats & Sweatcoin Hacks

Are there any Sweatcoin Cheats or Sweatcoin Hacks to get more Sweatcoins?

Lately, there are a lot of websites and YouTube videos claiming they can double or show you a program that can simulate walking distance to spoof the Sweatcoin app. All of those are fake and/or against Sweatcoin ToS and you will end up with your account being banned. Not only that, but you also run the risk of getting malware, a virus, or have your Sweatcoin account hacked/stolen.

Sweatcoin Hacks & Sweatcoin Cheats - SweatcoinBlog
Sweatcoin Hacks & Sweatcoin Cheats – SweatcoinBlog

This is one example of places you should stay away with because they will give you nothing more than trouble and wasting your time. The only reason people upload videos like these is to spread fake news and gain money through YouTube advertising. Everything they say is completely fake and they usually show photoshopped images to make the viewers believe them and keep watching. DO NOT TRUST THEM.

To be more precise about Sweatcoin Cheats and Sweatcoin Hacks…

Just to clarify, websites can NOT generate Sweatcoins for you. NEVER put your Sweatcoin’s account or personal details anywhere even if they claim they will get you unlimited Sweatcoins for free. Just think with common sense, if something sounds way too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true. Don’t believe in Sweatcoin Cheats or Sweatcoin Hacks.

We have received reports from over a dozen people claiming they lost their coins balance because they trusted generating websites or Sweatcoin doublers to get more Sweatcoins. Not only that, but we also told them that any information they used to enter the website’s generation process is now compromised and there’s a very high chance of them getting leaked within the next few days. We immediately told them to change all the passwords that they gave to the fraudsters so they can prevent further damage to their personal accounts.

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There is a somewhat Sweatcoin Cheat or Sweatcoin Hack though… But it’s mostly a shortcut to getting more Sweatcoins, with a downside.

The only known Sweatcoin cheats/Sweatcoin Hacks to this day is carrying multiple phones with you (friends’ or family’s) when you go on a walk/run or ride. This is a way to cheat more Sweatcoins out of the app BUT this AGAINST the Sweatcoin’s Terms of Service. Your account is most likely going to get banned, I don’t know anyone that got their accounts banned via this method but I can not recommend it.

A small way to trick Sweatcoin, even though it’s not a Sweatcoin cheat or Sweatcoin Hack since Sweatcoin is fine with it according to their FAQ page, is riding your bike to gain more Sweatcoins. They said it’s completely fine but it won’t detect all the steps you do with your bike. You also have to make sure you go below a specific speed limit (10 miles per hour/16.1 kilometers per hour)

In conclusion..

The whole point of the Sweatcoin app is to encourage people to get out there and exercise and the whole “How to hack Sweatcoin” ideology shouldn’t even be considered here. Especially in this age and time where obesity and heart diseases are on the rise. Sweatcoin’s main goal is to push people in the right direction and exercise more.

Founders of Sweatcoin - SweatcoinBlog
Founders of Sweatcoin – SweatcoinBlog

The development team of Sweatcoin invested a lot of time & work into preventing Sweatcoin hacks and Sweatcoin cheats to take over their main goal. To end, any Sweatcoin cheat or Sweatcoin hack you find on the internet is most likely a fraud and will try to farm your data. If you don’t want to get a notification on your Gmail saying someone from a third world country accessed it, we recommend you not to risk it.

After all, even if you use any of the above Sweatcoin Cheats or Sweatcoin Hacks the rewards will be limited and will have no value as they will be lost along with your account. After all, they didn’t make the app & the custom step tracking algorithm just for you to come and use a Sweatcoin Cheat or Sweatcoin Hack to get ahead.

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If you are looking for a legit way to earn more Sweatcoins check this guide out.




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