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Sweatcoin LTD continues to slowly add countries to the list of Sweatcoin marketplaces. Those countries are known as Sweatcoin countries. They have rolled out country by country to make sure there are items that can be purchased with Sweatcoin specific to each country. With them even adding Local Offers section for certain Sweatcoin countries!

Currently, we know that Sweatcoin has been released to these countries:

Sweatcoin Countries Available | SweatcoinBlog
Sweatcoin Countries Available | SweatcoinBlog

With Spain being added as recently as 11/3/2019. There’s a lot of chatter of more launches in many soon to be Sweatcoin countries. So if Sweatcoin isn’t available in your country yet, it will most likely be there within a few months. Just keep an eye out on our website and you’ll be notified of any releases.

We’ve also seen a boost for registrations due to the amount of updates that were pushed for the Sweatcoin Influencer Marketplace. With a lot of them being Sweatcoin Influencers that have come here to earn some money & prizes. If a lot of people try to view the app in their region’s app store or play store Sweatco Ltd. will notice and try to release it as soon as possible to that region.

If you have any questions about when it will be available to your country or if there’s a new country which it’s available in let us know down in the comments section and we will get back to you soon with a reply.
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