Sweatcoin going Global – Ebay


Sweatcoin has no future

That’s what people say, but a quick look on sites like ebay you will see a TON of listings selling sweatcoin either as auctions or buy it now, and they seem to go for pretty good prices. For example, we came upon a few listings that seemed like good deals, like this one. If you want to rack up some Sweatcoins just in case, this is the perfect time to do it, buy as much as you can from ebay auctions or buy it nows offers and be prepared for the rise of SWCs’ price.

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Andreas Iakovou
Likes to walk around, not very adventurous tbh, prefers Purple over Blue for some reason. Loves Sweatcoin App and enjoys taking outdoors pictures with his phone. He is the founder of SweatcoinBlog.com and he has been supporting Sweatcoin since December 2018.

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