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Sweatcoin’s Blockchain Future Breakdown

Are you unaware of the capabilities of Sweatcoin’s Future?

We’ll break it down for you. We have put countless hours of research into this article to make sure everything is perfect. We have checked every single source and we can confidently say that everything you’ll read below is valid info as for 21st December 2018.

We have gathered that about 2-3 weeks as of writing this SweatCo LTD. (Company that owns “Sweatcoin” apps) have hired a Blockchain Marketer. Now, why would a company hire a Marketer specialized in Blockchain if they are not preparing something big. This person is also the Head of Communications for Sweatcoin. Basically, he is the person that handles the brand new blog that Sweatcoin launched and he is the PR-go-to guy for Sweatcoin related issues.

Sweatcoin's Blockchain Future - SweatcoinBlog
Image grabbed from Sweatcoin’s LinkedIn employees page.

Also, they have another person in the team that based on his description, he is a Data & Blockchain Scientist. His name is unknown as of the time of writing this, if anyone knows his username/name let us know in the comments and we’ll happily add him. Also, I would assume that his job has something to do with the steps conversion algorithm and bringing Blockchain closer to its core values day by day.

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Sweatcoin's Blockchain Future Breakdown - SweatcoinBlog
Image grabbed from Sweatcoin’s LinkedIn employees page.

Sweatcoin’s Capabilities

In my honest opinion, I believe that as soon as the Blockchain launches there will be at least a 5 times rise to Sweatcoin, if not more. That’s why I’m personally stocking up on Sweatcoins just in case, I would hate myself if it became popular and I hadn’t done this earlier. If you simply invest now into getting more Sweatcoins it will be better in the long run for you cause you can always trade them as profit with Sweatcoin or sell Sweatcoins for higher than your bought for amount.

Sweatcoin Blockchain Release Data:

As of the time of writing this article there are no release dates planned or shared. But we were told by Oleg Fomenko (Sweatcoin’s co-founder, read more about him here).

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