Sweatcoin Trading / Buying / Selling

Should you be a Sweatcoin trader?


There are a lot of people trading/buying/selling Sweatcoins, should you as well?

The answer we can give you today is “Depends”. We came up with that conclusion because all the current traders are already established. They either run their own websites or have a big following of returning customers. This means that they are already known and can easily find customers, while a beginner can’t just create a website and get known/deals within a few days/weeks.

You might get the few small occasional sales that will get you 5-10$ profit but that’s about it, you can’t expect to make money without putting money into getting known & reputable.

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You should start trading if you have big ideas on how to get customers, get cheaper prices, make your deals almost 100% scam-free. If you do the research for the above and you are ready, then yes, you should be trading Sweatcoin asap. Otherwise, don’t treat Sweatcoin Trading as a quick cash grab, it will not work and it will just ruin your enthusiasm. We’ll help you with our small FAQ below to get one step closer to becoming the perfect Sweatcoin Trader.

How to become more trustworthy & reputable as a Sweatcoin Seller

First off, don’t give false hope, NEVER. I can’t stress this enough, almost everyone that lies about the marathon offers and that they are obtainable through traded coins will most likely receive a charge back on his transaction. This is very basic though, let’s move to some less known.

You could run a giveaway of like 500 Sweatcoins, they will cost you 5$ to buy at 0.01 or if you are lucky. Not only that, but you might find a deal for 0.005 or close to that and will cost you about 2.8$. You can then giveaway those to about 5 people 100 SWC each. This will make you seem more reputable and plus, a few of those lucky people might contact you to buy more (I suggest making the winners as many as possible, without making the reward worthless).

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Another way of becoming trustworthy is keeping notes of your vouches and succesful deals. It’s good to have people write Reviews about you either on your own website, Discord Groups, Reddit or whichever other platform you use to sell/trade on.

How to safely buy Sweatcoins without risk

This may be obvious to some, but ALWAYS use a middleman if you are not 100% sure that the other person can be trusted. Additionally, even if you are certain that person is trustworthy, if the deal is over 100$ or whatever amount you deem high enough to you personally, then opt to use a middleman. If the seller is worried or doesn’t want to use a middleman, that’s a sign for you to cancel the deal. Never risk your money if you have doubts for a deal, if it’s too good to be true, then it most isn’t true.

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Not just that, but make sure to always pay via PayPal. They will almost always refund you the money if you have sufficient evidence of someone scamming you if you paid with G&S (Goods & Services). Never pay with F&F for users that you don’t trust and have made countless deals with before, if you are scammed there’s almost no chance for you to be on the winning side of that report.


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