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Sweatcoin Founders – 2 Sweatcoin CEOs

There are currently 2 Sweatcoin CEOs under Sweatco Ltd.

Founders of Sweatcoin - SweatcoinBlog
Founders of Sweatcoin – SweatcoinBlog

First off, Sweatco Ltd. is the company that owns the app “Sweatcoin”. The idea to create Sweatcoin as a concept was originally developed in 2014, but it became a reality in May 2016. There are currently 2 Co-CEOs, Oleg Fomenko and Anton Derlyatka. Also known as, Sweatcoin Founders.

The Purpose

Sweatcoin was developed with the mission to motivate people to live a more active lifestyle and fight the obesity problem that exists in our communities and is expanded day by day. The app would help lower direct costs on issues like obesity that costs our global economy billions of dollars every year.

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In order to motivate people to move more, Sweatcoin identified the need to overcome ‘present bias‘​, a term used in behavioral economics to describe humans’ tendency to ignore things that don’t have an immediate effect on us.

“Who made Sweatcoin”

It will be analyzed in 2 sections below.

Who is Oleg Fomenko

After our research, we have gathered that Oleg Fomenko (CEO Sweatcoin) is an entrepreneur and advisor with experience in mobile digital music, telecoms, and consumer goods.

  • He is known for his ability to generate and polish a consumer business idea into an attractive proposition and to lead its implementation through securing funding, building teams and boards as well as negotiating groundbreaking commercial deals and partnerships.

Oleg is Sweatcoin Founder and Co-CEO of SweatCoin (Sweatco LTD.), a free smartphone app that

Sweatcoin Founder Oleg Fomenko
Sweatcoin Founder Oleg Fomenko source @oleg_fem (Twitter)

enables users to turn movement into currency. It does so by monitoring the steps you take when you walk in order to reward you with “coins” that you can then spend on real-life goods, service, and experiences, available through the Sweatcoin’s Offer Marketplace.

Oleg was also the CEO and Founder of from 2008-2014. was an award-winning mobile music streaming service that attracted 1.2m registered users in the UK by offering the world’s’ first £1 per month subscription and outstanding user experience. Oleg built it from an initial idea to £16M funding raise, selected an amazing team, attracted a high-profile advisory board, and negotiated ground-breaking music licensing deals within conservative and creative budgets.

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Notably, he is also the CEO of mflow, which is social music discovery and retailing company that was founded Sep 1, 2008 and is currently employing over 11 people.

Who is Anton Derlyatka

Sadly, there’s not much information online about Anton Derlyatka, but we have managed to gather a few details about him.

Anton is an entrepreneur and investor in Fitness, Wearable, and Talent technology verticals.

Sweatcoin Founder Anton Derlyatka
Sweatcoin Founder Anton Derlyatka source Ward Howell
  • More specifically, being the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sweatcoin (Sweatco LTD.) which is a digital currency backed by the economic value of physical movement.
  • Also, he is an investor in (invested Sep 1, 2015) which is a peer to peer micro-learning platform for corporates and startups based in London and was founded in 2014.
  • Additionally, he is an investor in Good&Co (invested Nov 1, 2013) which is a platform that connects people, companies, and workplaces. We help job seekers, employers, and employees to find a great fit. It was founded in 2012 by Ashesh (Alex) Shah, Kerry Schofield, Palle Pedersen, Samar Birwadker, Subbu Balakrishnan.
  • Anton has invested in Entelo (invested Aug 1,2013) which is a recruiting platform that enables top talent professionals to find, qualify, and engage with top talents.
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  • He has also invested in RolePoint (invested Dec 1, 2012) which is described as “Re-imagining talent acquisition for the enterprise. RolePoint is building software that is changing the way talent is sourced.”
  • Notably, he is a Managing Partner in Talent Equity Ventures (TEqV) which is a Venture Capital that invests in technology-intensive startups and assists in re-imagining HR and Education.

They made a good job hiring whoever they did as Sweatcoin Developer.



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