Daily Bonus not working on Sweatcoin App

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Daily Bonus feature on Sweatcoin

Daily Bonus not working on Sweatcoin & How to Fix Daily Bonus on Sweatcoin

Daily Bonus not working on Sweatcoin App | SweatcoinBlog

The process is actually really easy, every once in awhile your Sweatcoin app will be “glitched”. To fix it yourself without having to contact support and wait a few months for

them to get back to you, you can do it yourself. You just have to uninstall the Sweatcoin app and reinstall it from your App Store. If that doesn’t work, try to wait on the starting page of the Sweatcoin App and after a while spam the Daily Bonus button.

Daily Bonus Section on Sweatcoin App Explained

A few updates ago we saw that the brand new “Daily Bonus” feature was released. This feature basically gives you the ability to watch a video to receive Sweatcoins. The number of Sweatcoins received after watching the video is randomized from 0 to 1000 (although I’ve never seen anyone get 1000, max I have personally seen so far is 25 Sweatcoins). This feature is a way for Sweatcoin to make money and keep funding their goal. They provide video ads to users in return for Sweatcoins.

How to get more Daily Bonus ads on Sweatcoin App

In order to unlock more Daily Bonus Advertisement buttons, you have to walk more (up to 10000 steps approx).

How to get more Daily Bonus Sweatcoins Rewards

As of writing this, there is no way to trick the algorithm into giving you more coins, although some users said that tapping the ad continuously helped them earn more (this has no basis and is just a fan theory).

Although, if you do want to receive extra Sweatcoins towards your 20,000 Sweatcoins goal. You can read our Influencer Sweatcoins Reward Programme guide.

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