Image Sweatcoin Hack, Sweatcoin Cheat and Sweatcoin Generator

Sweatcoins Hack & Sweatcoins Generator – Real or Fake?

Can you use a Sweatcoin Hack to gather or generate more Sweatcoins?

This is a question that I get almost daily from many of our readers. Truth be told, there are no known “Sweatcoin Hacks” or “Sweatcoin Cheats”. The only type of “cheat” you can do to the app is make it believe you are walking when you are actually not.

Image Sweatcoin Hack, Sweatcoin Cheat and Sweatcoin Generator
Image of Sweatcoin Hack, Sweatcoin Cheat and Sweatcoin Generator

The app will detect most of the “false” steps which will lead to most of your steps not to be verified. If anyone tries to modify the app or do the “Sweatcoin Generator” trick in any way I’m sure they’ll be found by the staff team and punished immediately by having their account removed and the coins taken back.

Can you use a website to generate coins?

A lot of people say “I saw an ad on google for a website that is a Sweatcoin Generator, what is it”. Basically, that’s a scam website where they will ask for personal information. They will try to get your attention by displaying sentences as “Sweatcoins Hack”, “Sweatcoins Generator” and “Sweatcoin Cheat”. Usually, they will ask for your email address, phone number and password. These details are sold and added to hundreds or even thousands of spam lists around the globe. As a result, inbox and phone number will end up getting flooded with spam messages. Do not trust those websites as they will not deliver any coins nor can they generate any Sweatcoins. Don’t believe when they say they will Generate Sweatcoins for free. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it’s most likely not true. Trust your instincts as they are often correct.


You can not cheat/hack the app in any way. It’s impossible to generate coins out of nowhere using a magic trick or a hack. It simply does not work like that, only way you can get coins is from your friends or different sellers or by walking. Never trust any ads with “Sweatcoins Hack”, “Sweatcoins Generator” and “Sweatcoin Cheat” in them.

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Wondering how to get more Sweatcoins in a legitimate way?

It’s pretty easy actually, all you have to do is walk more often and try to be more athletic. Read our guide on 14 Ways to get more Sweatcoins.

Good luck working on your steps!

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