How to Earn more Sweatcoins


How to earn more Sweatcoins?

Look no further, this is a completely refreshed and working aide on the most proficient method to enhance your Sweatcoin earnings for more profit and how to win more Sweatcoins. This is by a long shot the most carefully written guide on the best way to earn more Sweatcoins.

10 Ways to earn more Sweatcoins - SweatcoinBlog
10 Ways to earn more Sweatcoins – SweatcoinBlog

Right off the bat, there’s some little secrets that will enable you to earn more Sweatcoins while strolling or running. Take a look below, on the 10 Ways to get more Sweatcoins.



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  1. Don’t walk close to tall buildings. It’s proven that walking near tall buildings will not track those steps as it will consider them as indoor steps. This plays a huge role on how to earn more Sweatcoins. To prevent this from happening, choose to either walk in old roads away from cities or around parks without tall buildings nearby. We suggest parks that are made just for walking. Those will work almost certainly.

  2. Take off your phone’s case. I noticed people who use their phone’s case while walking or running earn less Sweatcoins when they convert them. To prevent this just take off your phone’s case when you want to walk to earn more Sweatcoins. Some cases might not affect this, so just try it out and decide on what works best for you.

  3. Turn off Battery Saver. This will allow the Sweatcoin app to check your steps more and verify even more steps than it would do while the option was on. To do so go in your app settings, find the “Battery Saver” option and turn it off. To maximize this even further turn off your phone’s Battery Saver as well, by going into your phone’s settings and locating & disabling the option.

  4. Don’t try to cheat the algorithm by moving your phone left and right while walking/running. This is a known trick that used to work a while ago but got fixed for most of the part. The algorithm could make you lose some real Sweatcoins if you try to do this because you will get flagged. In case for this not to happen just keep your phone in your pocket. Read this article on how to improve your verified steps count.

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  5. Put your phone inside your pocket. If your phone is placed inside your hoodie’s pocket or your shirt’s pocket you are going to lose some steps. It’s best to wear short pants and placing the phone inside their pocket to make sure you won’t lose any steps when verifying.

    Additional ways on how to earn more Sweatcoins..

  6. Don’t run too fast if you are an athlete. Some people are complaining of losing some steps due to their running speeds. Sweatcoin’s algorithm doesn’t allow steps above a certain speed limit, to make sure people are walking/running. It’s best if you run a bit slower than usual and just check what speed works best for you and your steps conversion. You don’t want to miss out on Sweatcoins just because you are too fast, do you?

  7. Join Sweatcoin Influencer Marketplace. Whenever you invite a friend to the app, and he ends up installing it and creating a valid account, you earn 1 referral point and 5 Sweatcoins. Imagine if you just posted it on your Facebook wall while you have 3000 friends. You could get up to 15000 Sweatcoins if every one of your friends ended up clicking your link and installing the Sweatcoin app. This is our best tip on how to earn more Sweatcoins. For more info read our article about the Sweatcoin Influencer Programme.

  8. Use a high-end phone or smartwatch. Newer models of phones such as Samsung S9 & iPhone XR get custom updates for the app. Their GPS tracking also works best for them since the app is optimized especially for them. This, can help you get more verified steps than you would get with an older model. Make sure to have the latest models for better results.

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  9. Always have the app running in the background. Also another of the important tips on how to earn more Sweatcoins. Doesn’t matter if you are walking to school or to the supermarket. You will gain extra Sweatcoins by doing what you do regularly without any extra effort. These are what I like to call “Free Sweatcoins”.

  10. Get a higher Sweatcoin earning limit plan as soon as possible. If you walk to school or enjoy walking a lot in general. Which is a must if your goal is to get Sweatcoins. It’s best if you have one of the higher-tier Sweatcoin plans that cost no real money! They can help you gain even more Sweatcoins in a day than you would get without them. The good thing about them, is that they are really easy to get, the best plan at the moment only costs about 5 SWC a month!

    You’ll earn multiple times the amount of Sweatcoins if you follow our guide on how to earn more Sweatcoins. If you are having trouble, ask for help via the official Sweatcoin website.

    Don’t forget, the goal is to get 21 million verified steps so you can enjoy one of those Marathon offers. After all, that’s the reason most of us joined the app for. Who wouldn’t love a free iPhone or a trip to another country? But, if you don’t think you can do it. There’s plenty free offers for phone cases, bags, sunglasses and even clothes.

    If someone’s persistent enough, and follows our guide, they will be able to get to their goal easily. It will take them far less time than it would normally take to meet good results. After all, quality is better than quantity. You get a lot of steps, but not all of them verify. That’s why you have to make sure that you are doing your best for most of your steps to verify. Good luck fellow Sweatcoin-er!

Andreas Iakovou
Likes to walk around, not very adventurous tbh, prefers Purple over Blue for some reason. Loves Sweatcoin App and enjoys taking outdoors pictures with his phone. He is the founder of and he has been supporting Sweatcoin since December 2018.

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