How Safe is Sweatcoin?

Is it really safe?


Is Sweatcoin Safe to Use?

Sweatcoin has experienced a growth in users over the past few years, with over 10 million active users collectively engaging in more than 350 transactions every second. With this amount of popularity, it’s no question that safety is a huge concern for most users actively sending and receiving Sweatcoins. So how safe really is Sweatcoin?

The short answer is that you are very well protected when sending and receiving Sweatcoins from the app. Here’s why:

What data does Sweatcoin collect from you?

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While using the app, Sweatcoin collects anonymous data in order to count your steps and reward you with Sweatcoins. The app does not ask you for any other data besides your first name and phone number, which are necessary to use the app. Your phone number is only necessary as it’s tied with your Sweatcoin Account in case you want to recover it. This allows for no one to obtain any of your personal information, such as credit cards, social security numbers, etc. that would put your identity at risk.

What does Sweatcoin do with your data?

All the data that you give to the Sweatcoin app is securely protected and is not used for profiting purposes. In a blog post by the Sweatcoin Team, they firmly state “We want to say this loud and clear: we don’t sell your data, and never will.” In short, Sweatcoin will never sell the data you provide it with, and uses it solely to give you the ability to gain rewards.

How safe are you when transferring Sweatcoins?

When sending and receiving Sweatcoins on the app, users are protected by Sweatcoin’s secure interface that does not allow for someone to take back Sweatcoins that they have already sent. That being said, you may find it helpful to read this article that discusses ways to safely buy and sell Sweatcoins.

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Is Sweatcoin a Scam?

Short answer, “no”. For more, check out our full article here.

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