Best Way to make a Sweatcoin PayPal Transfer – Bank Transfer

Can I cash out or transfer my Sweatcoin to PayPal?

Sweatcoin Paypal Transfer | Is it Possible - SweatcoinBlogFor the time being, you can’t transfer your Sweatcoin to PayPal, your bank account or your prepaid card. It doesn’t have any real market value nor is it listed on any exchange platforms. But there’s an “unofficial” way to transfer your Sweatcoins to PayPal. There’s also a shop on the app (basically an account) called Sweatcoin PayPal.

This is the exact response Sweatco Ltd. shows on their website about Sweatcoin PayPal Transfer :

“At the moment it is not possible to cash out Sweatcoins via PayPal or bank transfer.

The long-term vision is to make Sweatcoin a fully fledged currency, that’ll be listed on exchanges. But don’t wait for this, please spend your Sweatcoins in the marketplace with our brand partners. PayPal and Amazon vouchers are featured regularly, especially if you are inviting loads of friends!

Please note that the offers change at least once a day and if you do not see something you like today, then pop back tomorrow!”

But don’t leave just yet, there’s another way to cash out your Sweatcoin to PayPal

There’s 2 ways to do this, the easy way and the hard way. We personally do the easy way as we aren’t as athletic as we’d like to do it the hard way. The easy way is fairly simple, find Facebook groups or discord servers related to Sweatcoin and sell all your Sweatcoins there for around $0.006-$0.007 rate each coin by doing a Sweatcoin PayPal transfer.

And then, there’s the hard way. If you use the app long-term, you will eventually get up to 20000 Sweatcoins (SWC) earned by you via walking (hard) or by being a Sweatcoin Influencer (Easy). That way, you can claim one of the 3 or 4 Marathon Offers available. One of them is the “PayPal Cash” option, which awards you with $1000 USD balance transferable to your PayPal Wallet or through a wire transfer to your bank account. But, they have to be earned by you alone via walking or inviting users to the app. To get more Sweatcoins, consider reading this.

Keep in mind! If someone sends you Sweatcoins via the sending function from inside the app those will not be tradeable for “transferlocked” offers, such as the Marathon offers (those are the expensive deals). Those are the only “secret” ways of doing a Sweatcoin PayPal transfer.

We will keep you updated if anything changes! In the meantime, look at our post on whether SweatCoin will become a cryptocurrency in the near future.

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