Best Sweatcoin Crowdfunding Update

Sweatcoin’s Crowdfunding Update

Sweatcoin's Crowdfunding Update Project
Sweatcoin’s Crowdfunding Update Project

Sweatcoin recently unveiled their newest additions to the app, with one of them being the Crowdfunding section. This section provides a variaty of crowdfunding projects which you can support by donating your hard-earned sweatcoins for a good cause.


Sweatcoin Crowdfunding Projects

These projects are all about social issues, crisis and enviromental issues around the world. Sweatcoin is trying to help tackle down those issues by giving exposure to popular campaigns that are fighting those exact issues. Some of them are, the lack of Gender Equality in Burkina Faso, the Child Marriage in Jordan & Morocco and the project about planting 3500 trees for the orcas. As you can see below, they appear right on top of the offers section. Which I believe was done to show how much they emphasize these issues, rather than the offers.

Sweatcoin's Crowdfunding Update Project
Sweatcoin’s Crowdfunding Update Project

Sweatcoin's Crowdfunding Update Project
Sweatcoin’s Crowdfunding Update Project


How was the update introduced?

Sweatcoin was apparently hosting a mini release of updates during Christmas of 2019. This one “Sweatcoin Crowdfunding Update” having the biggest impact, in my personal opinion. Everyday, for 25 days consequently they were releasing a big giveaway to everyone and you could enter by answering a quick and easy quiz everyday. Along with that, they were introducing huge updates like this everyday until Christmas.

Should we expect more updates?

After all these new features dropped within days of each other? Of course. Absolutely, you should expect them to drop new & awesome updates very soon. Sweatcoin’s Updates are known to be late but after this awesome Sweatcoin Update, we shouldn’t lose hope.

How to get more Sweatcoins to donate to these Crowdfunding Projects?

It’s actually very easy, just walk. Other than the obvious, you can also trade among family and friends, or even invite people you know to the app. By inviting a person to join the app you receive 5 Sweatcoins immediately. Which, if you chose to, you could donate them to a charity or a crowdfunding project of your will.

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