Sweatcoin Price – How much does a Sweatcoin worth


What’s the true Sweatcoin price? How much does a Sweatcoin worth for real?

Sweatcoin Price - How much does a Sweatcoin worth - SweatcoinBlog
Sweatcoin Price – How much does a Sweatcoin worth – SweatcoinBlog

We’ve researched this topic a lot in the past few days to make sure we get everything right. There isn’t really a Sweatcoin price since it’s not an official currency as of yet. But, on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter people trade Sweatcoins. People usually argue about who has the most Sweatcoins but do they really have a value?

With the data we gathered, we saw that the Sweatcoin price is about $0.0075 as of now (25th April) but it fluctuates a lot. 10 months ago it was almost 5 cents, 4 months ago less than half a cent and it’s predicted to hit $0.009 by the next 3 months.

Why is the Sweatcoin price growing after the sudden drop?

Because, almost a year ago Sweatcoin announced that they are working on making Sweatcoin an actual currency on exchange platforms. But, there have been no announcements on this topic ever since. But recent highlights, such as the constant updates and hiring Blockchain engineers made people believe that Sweatcoin might be ready to announce some good news.

For that reason, people started buying a lot of coins in hopes of the Sweatcoin price and value going up once the good news arrive. And as we all know, demand requires supply, and a constant demand helps the value go positively. It’s growing slowly but people around Sweatcoin are certain it will go up in the next 3 months.

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Sweatcoin Price – Why we believe that it will grow

It’s fairly simple, we spend most of our time daily around the current Sweatcoin community. We see all the looking-to-sell and looking-to-buy threads daily and get the average idea of how much a Sweatcoin is worth/valued at. We see that the Sweatcoin price is going up on a weekly basis. Depending on the demand, which also seems to be more lately.

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Another reason that the Sweatcoin Price is growing rapidly is the income of new Sweatcoin Influencers that have millions of fans and they share the app with them in return for money, Sweatcoins & other prizes. Some of them are the upcoming Instagram celebrities Venkilou & Katysancheskii.

Sweatcoin Price - User got over 100k Sweatcoins saved up - SweatcoinBlog
Sweatcoin Price – User got over 100k Sweatcoins saved up – SweatcoinBlog

There’s already some people in the past week that started saving up to over 100k Sweatcoins, which is pretty unbelievably. One of those, is the discord user called “cs218087″ who shared this screenshot of his Sweatcoin wallet. It’s pretty amazing that there are people with so much Sweatcoins on their app. If only they were able to claim those $1000 offers, like we used to be able to do. These people with over 100,000 Sweatcoins in their wallets would have at least $5,000. Considering the $1000 Marathon offer costs 20,000 Sweatcoins at the time.

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