Best Sweatcoin Cheats & Sweatcoin Hacks

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Are there any Sweatcoin Cheats or Sweatcoin Hacks to get more Sweatcoins? Lately, there are a lot of websites and YouTube videos claiming they can double or show you a program that can simulate walking distance to spoof the Sweatcoin … Read More

14 Best Ways to get more Sweatcoins

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Are you looking for the best ways to get more Sweatcoins by walking or running? Look no further, this is a fully updated and working guide on how to optimize your Sweatcoin habits with main goal getting more Sweatcoins. This … Read More

🎉 500 Sweatcoins Giveaway 🎉 5 Winners!

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Sweatcoin Giveaway 🎉 Yes.. it’s time for a Sweatcoin giveaway!! We will be giving out 500 Sweatcoins total and there will be 5 winners. We are celebrating our best month so far, which is almost 2x better than the prior … Read More

How to Earn more Sweatcoins

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How to earn more Sweatcoins? Look no further, this is a completely refreshed and working aide on the most proficient method to enhance your Sweatcoin earnings for more profit and how to win more Sweatcoins. This is by a long … Read More

How to Trick Sweatcoin 2019

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Want to get more Sweatcoins by tricking Sweatcoin into thinking that you are walking/running? It’s currently not working as well as you may think. But one of the main ways you can “trick” it incase you hate walking/running, is by … Read More

5 Known Sweatcoin Scams – How to Avoid

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Battling the effects of Known Sweatcoin Scams Well so have we, what we learned from these past few months of using Sweatcoin daily is that a lot of Sweatcoin Scams going around. Most of them are on social media platforms, … Read More

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